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The program helps to win on such sites as the Igrunov and you can also win votes in touch!


Free Voice in contact:


Earnings WMR or WMZ:



Two game modes Normal and Manual input

1) Normal - the program thinks of the field you solve.

2) Manual input - you enter the field and the program solves (With this mode, you can make good money!)

Two kinds of calculation

1) Fast

2) Accurate
The program does not use some or holes in software (Igrunov) and not a burglar, a complex mathematical algorithms are used to choose the most appropriate combination of input that allows you to increase your chances of winning.

This program helps to win the game "Minesweeper" Online

Here, the game starts when the player bets (from 0,1 WMZ or 1 WMR)

The program itself calculates the probability of finding a mine in one or Ina cell after reaching the goal (to determine the location of 11 minutes), the player gets to your account twice the rate.

Demo program

PS: Immediately after registration you can get a bonus, catching button at the bottom you can get 1-10 WMR !!!
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