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Every discovery, made in the course of evolution, changing the world and gives a fundamentally new direction of development of the society. So open and dedicated monthly magazine DISCOVERY, the focus of which are both man and the universe.

Scientific sensation and stunning discoveries, unusual ideas and amazing facts, technical inventions and innovations in medicine - all the latest achievements of the human mind and still unsolved mysteries of the world can be found on pages DISCOVERY.

The main purpose of the magazine is hidden in its name - to provide, discuss, share exciting and surprising information that lies at the heart of any open. Under the cover DISCOVERY collected all the fascinating and intriguing, useful and valuable, what is happening in the outside world and the inner reality of the individual.
Title: Discovery № 1-12

Year: 2011

Publisher: team

Author: Group of authors

Genre: Periodicals, Reference, Science

Russian language

Pages: 130-162

Size: 837.68 MB

Format: PDF
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