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1C: Enterprise 8 for wmz, wmu, wmr, sms!

BASIC VERSION 1C: Enterprise 8 Salary and Personnel Management for Ukraine.

The program "1C: Enterprise 8 Salary and Personnel Management" - is a powerful tool for the implementation of the personnel policy of the enterprise, as well as the automation of various services of the enterprise, from the Human Resources Department and line managers to the employees of the accounting in the following areas:

- Planning of staffing needs;

- Provision of business personnel;

- Management of competencies and certification of workers;

- Management training;

- Management of the financial motivation;

- Efficient planning of employment of staff;

- Personnel records and analysis of staffing;

- Labor relations, including HR outsourcing;

- Payroll personnel;

- Management of cash settlements with the staff, including the deposit;

- Calculus regulated by legislation of taxes and contributions to payroll;

- Reflect accrued wages and taxes in the cost of the enterprise.

In the configuration focuses on the automation of administrative activity of HR managers. In particular, the configuration includes the following tools to solve basic problems faced when planning how HR managers and executives of different levels:

- Recruitment tool, allowing to carry out the entire process of recruitment, including correspondence with candidates via e-mail;

- A tool for planning vacations of employees;

- Management tools and competences of certification;

- Management tools training of employees;

- Tool development schemes to motivate employees.

After payment and fill in a form with your registration data during the day, the program is sent to you by courier and you become a user of the licensed program 1C.

Platform -

Configuration -
Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will have to fill the following fields:

- Full Name;

- E-mail address (email);

- The name of a legal entity;

- Scope of the legal entity;

- Mobile phone number;

- The actual address of the legal entity;

- Legal address of the legal entity;

These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of sale of goods.
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