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Type: Course work

Subject: Visual modeling method heapsort.

Institution: Institute

Implementation: DELPHI 2010

The program is implemented using OOP, a class designed TPyramidalSort.

Implementation details:

• Each step of sorting an array of displays with animation, the two elements being compared are distinguished by different colors.

• animation speed can be changed dynamically in real time.

• When loading the program displays an animated "screen-saver".

• The array is automatically generated, random, non-repeating numbers in a given range, its dimension is selected by the user.

• 2 modes of operation of the program: manual and automatic

Introduction 4

1. The mathematical formulation of the problem 5

2. Description of the program 6

2.1. The block diagram of the program 6

2.2. Description of the developed class 6

2.3. Description Plug-in 7

2.4. Features of the software implementation of the algorithm 8

3. User's Manual 9


Conclusion 14

Literature 15


The project file PyramidalSort.dpr 16

File Unit1.pas head module 16

File class implementation Class_TPyramidalSort.pas 20

File module auxiliary window AnimForm.pas 26

File module window screen LogotipForm.pas 27
The contents of the archive:

- Source code delphi project in 2010;

- Compiled executable (exe);

The size of zip archive ~ 1,5 Mb

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