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After payment you will instantly get the activation key of the game Call of Duty Ghosts in the Steam and the inclusion of all network functions of the game.

Key Call of Duty Ghosts regionalnye has limitations and can be activated only in Russia and the CIS.

The legendary series of first-person shooter, which has become one of the most popular game lines around the world, is ready to make a breakthrough to this perfection! The new game Call of Duty: Ghosts will offer you not fight for the sake of patriotism, liberty, or the triumph of democracy. You will be a fierce battle for survival.

Ten years after a global cataclysm former influence of one of the world´s leading powers dissipated like smoke. Destruction of the economy, the government can not protect the citizens and the military, desperately trying to keep under the control of the main regions of the country - this is a harsh reality that soldiers will face elite unit "Ghost." And once they are able to challenge the new global force, equipped with the latest technology and claims to world domination.


• Drawing a new generation: modern technologies, uniting incredibly realistic characters, stunning location, an advanced lighting system and special effects worthy of the best Hollywood blockbusters.

• Unique experience: the first time in the history of the series, players will take part in the battle on the side of the weaker side when the enemy is superior, not only by the number of trunks, but also in technological equipment.

• Development of a multiplayer game: With the updated engine Call of Duty: Ghosts will change your ideas about modes of multiplayer games. In the dynamically changing maps you encounter earthquakes, floods and other events that could most decisive impact on the tactics and strategy of combat. And the advanced character editor allows players to create a truly unique fighters.

MediaSoft - 15 years! The quality of time-tested!

Call of Duty Ghosts - Steam Key - RU-CIS-UA

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20.06.2019 9:53:54
Отличный товар! Ключ активировался + 3 DLC!
06.02.2019 8:08:57
купил игру. ключ рабочий. спасибо за подарок
24.12.2015 23:51:23
Рекомендую @MediaSoft как продавца!За что?Сейчас прочтёте!
1)У продавца включена оплата Paypal за это ему огромное спасибо!
коммуникция 5+
оплата пейпал 5+
игра так же активна в стран СНГ 5+
продавец 5+
2)Так как нахожусь в Германии оплатить могу только через пейпал к сожелению.!
3)Уже многих встречал кто не продает через пейпал ,очень печально.
4)Много раз просил чтобы продали товар через пейпал,без толку или боятся или жмутся!
5)Я не кидала и в доказательство могу выслать по эл.почте уд.личности и водительские права.
6)Желаю чтобы как можно больше было продавцов с оплатой пейпал.
15.02.2014 15:30:48
Спасибо уже скачиваю)) жду подарок!)
14.02.2014 18:34:54
Супер. Хочу подарок.)))

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