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Included items:
Game - Tom Clancy’s The Division
Supplement - Tom Clancy´s The Division - Survival

Shortly before Christmas, a monstrous pandemic envelops New York. One after another, public and state services cease to function, interruptions in water, food and electricity begin. In just a few days, the streets of the city are in chaos. And then the Special Detachment comes into play - a special unit of operational agents. In peacetime, they lead the most ordinary life, but when trouble comes, they begin to act. The task of the Special Detachment is to save society.

In Appendix II "Survival" you have to fight for your life in the most difficult conditions. Try to last as long as possible! Any minor find can save your life. This is a real strength test for even the most experienced agents.
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16.08.2019 13:45:34
Всё успешно пришло.
31.01.2019 0:13:33
Прикупил, сразу пришло письмо на почту :)
29.01.2019 10:14:18
Всё отлично и сразу
19.01.2019 3:59:18
08.01.2019 12:02:51
Активировалось, все хорошо.
18.12.2018 12:19:26
mine now TriEasy
19.03.2018 15:53:26
Шикарно все получил!
19.03.2018 11:56:08
все отлично!
16.11.2017 16:15:47
все супер
10.09.2017 15:23:07

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