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Type: Course work

Subject: Structures and data processing algorithms

Theme: "The visual simulation of operations in the tree"

Institution: Institute

Implementation: Borland DELPHI 2010

The approach to programming: OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

The structure of the explanatory note:

Introduction 4

1. The mathematical formulation of the problem 5

2. Description of the program 8

2.1. The block diagram of the program 8

2.2. Features Designed for Class 8

2.3. Description Plug-in 9

2.4. Features of the software implementation of the algorithm 10

3. User Guide 11


Conclusion 16

Literature 17


The project file TreeView.dpr 17

File MainUnit.pas head module 18

File class implementation Class_TTree.pas 24

File class implementation Class_PaintTTree.pas 28

File module AdditionProcedure.pas 30

File module UnitDeclaration.pas 30

File module window screen LoadForm.pas 31

Implementation details:

• Automatic and manual creation of a tree;

• Graphic display of the tree;

• Animation traversal;

• Adding and removing nodes of the tree.

Statement of the problem (task):

It needs to develop a program which, when run on a computer screen are shown performing operations forming wood, inclusion and exclusion in the tree and its bypassing of the following methods:

• Direct tree traversal;

• Balanced tree traversal;

• Limit tree traversal;

• Bypass tree wide

The contents of the archive:

- Source code in a project Borland Delphi 2010;

- Compiled executable (exe);

- Explanatory note.

The size of zip archive ~ 2,0 Mb

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