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Type: Course work

Subject: Modeling and optimal design of technical systems (MOPTS)

Topic: Algorithms for graph coloring (coloring of the two colors, coloring of a variety of colors)

Institution: Institute

Implementation: Borland Delphi 2010

The approach to programming: OOP (Object Oriented Programming)

Table of contents


2. Statement of the Problem. 3

3. The model of solving the problem 4

4. The method of solving the problem 5

5. The algorithm for solving the problem. 7

6. Information model. 9

7. Architecture. 10

8. Graphical User Interface. 12

9. Test Example. Testing program. 15

Conclusion. 18

List of sources used. 19

Appendix A 20

Appendix B 21

Implementation details:

• Ability to save / load graph.

• Edit the graph using the mouse, the ability to add, remove, drag the vertices of the graph.

• Visual display of the labeled graph and display the report.

• Executable works if your system is not installed Borland Delphi 2010.

The contents of the archive:

- Source code in a project Borland Delphi 2010;

- Compiled executable (exe);

- Explanatory note and graphical part;

The size of zip archive ~ 0,87 Mb

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