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The company Night-Money offers a service lift solo or team ranking with the 4500 and 5000 rating (MMR) for Dota 2.

Caution First of all, check with your service operator relevance and timing of

In the upper right corner of the window, you can choose a convenient payment method.

For those who have enough time on routine pumping drivers Night Money offers fast and safe pumping rankings.

During pumping, you should disable stimgvard

During pumping, you do not have to go to the game

Timeline for Compliance discuss with Operator

Caution The price is for 100 points in the limit of MMP 4500-5000.


Pay for your purchase, then you will receive a unique 16-digit code.

After the purchase is necessary to contact, Inland chat, Skype or ICQ, specified information about our company on the page http: Id_s = 152200

1. Report 16tiznachny unique code - is provided to you after payment.

If you have decided to leveling, first consult with the operator (online chat, Skype, ICQ or phone).
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