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When purchasing this product, you will receive a license key standard multilingual edition of the game Dragon Age: Inquisition to activate in EA Origin.

This serial key is Region Free and Multilanguage, and can be applied in any country via EA Origin.

Please notice that the game is not available in India.

Supported languages \u200b\u200b(Supported languages): Russian, English, Deutsch, Espanol Espana, Francais, Italiano, Polski.

* Instant key delivery *

Immediately after payment you will receive the key to the screen. It can also be viewed at http:


- Over 12 years experience in the

- Merchant passport since 2002, BUSINESS LEVEL (BL) 1200!

- Positive feedback

- Vast experience with releases of new games and shipment of goods

- Cumulative discounts

- Support in English available

* GAME *

Great breakthrough in the epic series of role-playing games studio BioWare: Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Cataclysm land Thedas plunged into chaos. Sky dwarf dragons, bringing terror to the once peaceful kingdom. Magee entered into a decisive struggle against their oppressors Templar. Countries go at each other by the war. That you have to, leading the Inquisition and brought together under his command the legendary heroes, to restore order and to repulse the advocates of chaos. Campaign for truth reflected at all - old alliances and agreements will be forgotten, it will be replaced by new ...

The new action-adventure Bioware will give players a unique storyline and spacious changing landscape. Exploring hidden caves and defeating the enormous creatures, you will give the world a particular shape in accordance with their own style of play.

Explore, lead and fight. Happens will depend on your choices in the game, and even one decision can change the whole course of events.

••••• Features: •••••

• Frostbite Engine 3 Engine - a new engine with improved physical model, lighting, animation and high-quality textures.

• Large-scale battles - developers listened to fans of the series and regained full tactical battles of Dragon Age: Origins, adding them even more dynamics and the ability to play the game in action-RPG from the third person.

• Interesting, memorable characters - by Bioware as always promises to create a unique character with a rich history and deep character.

• Huge game world - thanks to new technologies, the world of Dragon Age has finally become truly alive - a giant outdoor location full of secrets waiting in the Inquisitor.

This key is distributed by digital distribution and contains boxes and discs.
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User Account Creation

1) Register online at EA -

2) Download and install the EA "Origin": Origin client -

3) Run the EA "origin" and on the "Activate" enter the purchased key.

4) Log in using your email address and password you provided when registering on the website of EA. If you have not registered on this site, create a new account.

5) Download the distribution.

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The key will need to be activated in the "Steam".

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Все отлично, хочу подарок
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Товар получен, никаких проблем.
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все ок
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все хорошо!
хочу подарок))
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Спасибо, игру получил, все ок!
Хочу подарок! :)
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Всё гуд!
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Всё отлично, спасибо, хочу подарок
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все ок
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