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Uploading data SPP 2.5 - 1.3 PPM by treatment "Uploading data to the accounting software" is designed for typical configurations Salary and Personnel Management, revision 2.5 ( and Manufacturing Enterprise Management, edition 1.3 (

It is recommended for those cases account when payroll is done SPP and accounting records are maintained in the soft starter.

Uploading postings summary and unloading with details on staff regulated through a switch on the form processing.

Configure the following corresponding accounts SPP and SCP:

20 -> 20.01.

25 -> 25.01

26 -> 2601

Synchronization is carried out on parts of the organization and the owner of the code.

Tested and debugged on real configurations.

It is planned to support the transition with the release of the release.

To set the configuration to the specific request to order the introduction.

It comes with the open source community.

Available for your own changes.

Detailed instructions on the use of processing "Uploading data

accounting software "is here:

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