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Release date: October 20, 2008
Platform: Windows
Region: RU / CIS (Russia and CIS countries)
Activation: Steam

Communication with the space mining platform "Ishimura" suddenly interrupted. The case is not that ordinary, but also for a full-fledged state of emergency does not pull. On board the station went engineer Isaac Clark, whose task was to search for damage and subsequent repair of systems. However, the technician did not find a single person in the corridors and compartments, although the team did not disappear anywhere - it only changed ... Together with another batch of ore, Ishimura swallowed the alien life form, which began to flourish in the greenhouse conditions of a comfortable starship. The crew turned into raw material, from which a strange mind blinded its own soldiers. Now the wind of death is walking along the echoing ship galleries, and behind the bulkheads something rustles and scratches. The station, plunged into darkness, plays with an unexpected guest, like a cat with a mouse, but Isaac does not intend to turn into someone´s lunch ...

• Chilling horror: deceptive emptiness and the pitch darkness of the corridors envelop the victim with sticky fear. The sounds of a violin bow distorted by the metal gut of the ship grind the strained nerves. Far from civilization alone with an unknown threat, you will be filled with horror, like a sponge - with water
• Amputation: Dead Space is different from other representatives of the genre, where aliens crowd in droves under heavy fire. Isaac is a simple engineer who does not carry with him an arsenal of the average army. But he has the tools: saw, cutter and other useful devices, indispensable in the melee. To destroy a monster, you need to damage or cut off its vital organ, and in different types of creatures it is located in different places
• Modernization: each tool can be improved by turning it from a simple engineering device into a full-fledged weapon
• In zero gravity: not all platform equipment functions properly, and therefore there are interruptions with gravity. Once in zero gravity, you can turn on magnetic shoes to walk on the ceiling and walls. But sometimes it´s safer to just soar in the void.
• Alien reality: thanks to realistic physics Dead Space makes you believe in horrific events. When the whole world looks and reacts to the effects, like a real one, it is easy to forget that you are in the game.


1. You need to download and install Steam (if not already installed)
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