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H1Z1 is a global multiplayer game that will make you in constant stress and fear for your life. This game will take you to the sandbox, immersed in a zombie apocalypse, but a zombie is not the worst thing you have to fight here. Today, a huge number of games in a similar setting, but we posted a release of the game that you can download, not by accident. From their "brothers" this game is different in that you can play it completely free. To download the torrent H1Z1 click on the appropriate link. If you are still in doubt about the coolness of this game, know what developed its mastodon company igroproma - Sony, and you are waiting for a well-optimized colorful game. The gameplay is presented in the form of a Survival game, where your main opponent will be a variety of zombies, diseases and ailments, as well as hunger. To survive in this world, you will have to constantly be on your feet in search of resources for survival, weapons and the creation of living conditions. The whole gameplay is built on the competition between the rest of the survivors for the right to own the remnants of resources, trade, as well as group interaction. If you are already completely ready to download the game H1Z1 to the computer and try to survive, we advise you to do it as quickly as possible, with every minute of players in H1Z1 becomes more, and resources are less.


This product is distributed through digital distribution and is only a pin-code (activation key), it does not contain packages and boxes.
Activation Key:
1. You need to download and install Steam (if not already installed)
2. Register novvy Steam account or log into an existing.
3. Go to the "My Games" and select "Activate via Steam ...", read and agree to the Steam Subscriber Agreement and enter the key received immediately after the payment.
4. After that, the game will appear in the "Library" section, and you can download it from steam.
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25.09.2017 23:33:56
09.01.2017 10:08:11
Все отлично!
07.10.2016 20:10:05
Классный продавец! Была проблема с ключом, но решили все быстро и четко. Плюс, дали бесплатно рандомный ключ на игру, за что отдельное спасибо продавцу. Так что покупайте и не бойтесь!
08.07.2016 21:23:23
good yes
13.04.2016 16:47:04
БОЛЬШОЕ спасибо!и успехов!
03.04.2016 9:58:51
Отлично! Игра работает!
18.03.2016 14:12:13
13.03.2016 10:07:02
Все пришло)
21.02.2016 2:24:43
Прекрасно. Сперва немного тупанул с "ХамблБандлом", но потом всё прошло как по маслу.
Спасибо ^_^
07.02.2016 12:40:19
Ключ получил, все ок

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