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Release: June 23, 2015
Region: Russia and CIS

+ 2 DLC
4 Additional cards for games superzlodeyku Harley Quinn, the Joker close friend plus its unique weapons, gadgets, sposobnosti.Ustroyte mayhem in the police department Bladheyvena !!!

➜ 2.DLC "New 52 skin pack» - skins for the main characters, this add-on will be automatically activated after the installation of the game. * Warning! The composition of the publication may be changed without notice

* The Adventures of the Great Dark Knight, thunderstorms underworld, and ordinary people who decided to rebel against the tyranny of crime are continuing. Acquiring key Batman: Arkham Knight, you become part of a completely new developments. After defeating the Joker Gotham gradually began to recover. Of course, the villains have not disappeared, but without the chaotic reign of the Joker it became much harder to show their manners. But this is only a small respite, as evil as good, immortal and replace the old monster is always ready to come to someone new. This time, our hero will have to face the Scarecrow, who decided that the place of the deceased Joker should be followed. He threatens Honourable citizens of chemical attack and forces local authorities to order a full evacuation of the city. Prepare for battle with one of the most dangerous and sophisticated enemy of Batman!


• just one night.
to eliminate such problems as the Scarecrow, the city took you all night. Therefore, you will find the maximum number of fights and interesting meetings that will not go into details, but purposefully take steps interesting storyline. Destroy the enemy and all his minions, using his impressive arsenal of weapons and gadgets.

• New Batmobile.
One of the main roles in the gameplay of this project is directly discharged Batmobile. Deciding to buy a key Batman: Arkham Knight and sat behind the wheel of a vehicle of Batman, you will discover a number of special lotions, allowing to cope with a variety of obstacles. Moreover, unlike previous incarnations playable Batmobile, this option has gained the most original and unique design.

A classic suit a great hero was properly upgraded. Now in its appearance, you will find more than the so-called dospeshnyh elements executed in the form of carbon fiber. Note also that the development of the design of the hero costume was carried out on the basis of the implementation of its connection with the Batmobile.

• There is nothing supernatural, but more realism.
Developers do not have to "reinvent the wheel", and offered gamers a relatively simple and at the same time an attractive system of counter-attacks and combinations. All the power of the hero in the fight largely increased. Due to the new techniques and strokes it more effectively and quickly to deal with their opponents. Also, you will especially enjoy the use of a new skill Fear Takedown, allowing both to deal with several enemies.
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