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The module allows you to create photo albums albums from both the admin, and from the personal account of the client. When displaying the album features one of the photo albums in the album as the album art. Illustrations can be taken on the basis of the order, ranking and sorting images according to the settings. Functionality allows you how to select and add an album directly when adding or editing an image. Exterior photo albums and customizable functionality due to a gallery page. The user and the administrator, there are several templates to display the appearance of photo albums and more than 200 animated hover effects, including reversing and an indication of the direction of animation, and over 20 galleries displayed when clicking.
When you save the results are usually the result of a user is stored in a cookie browser. When you save the administrator, the result will be displayed for all users. When saving as the owner of the company, the result will remain on the page of his company and browser cookies. The result of the owner of the company saved settings will be displayed regardless of the administrator settings, and browser cookies.
Batch download allows you to upload images from the mass ability to specify and add an album that makes adding images as fast and convenient.

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