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Best price !

I OFFER Cheapest COINS. Open from 12:00 to 00:00.
INSTANT DELIVERY. To repay 5% commission EA for the positive feedback

Loyal Customers SALE!
I await with impatience buyers


I will answer all your questions regarding the purchase, as well as the gameplay unnecessarily with FUT familiar with the exit of the game
The coins sell for about 4 years

1. You pay the product and write me in my chat on
2. Sending 16-digit unique code (provided to you before payment).
3. After verifying there are 2 options to send the coins:

1) A player with a range of up to 10k. After you write to me in the chat, I´ll let you know with a start and end price set players
2) For large amounts of players from across the 10k. I will inform you what the players can be put to this. For example:. If you buy 1 million coins, you can do three players, say you bought them for 70k. Then you get 1 million coins., 210k + commission for the purchase of players (ie you do not lose anything, because the coins are returned)

ATTENTION! According to the rules of the game (as in any other game) prohibited the purchase of game currency, or any other transaction for real money, in the case of sanctions, the seller is not liable and shall not have any claims can not be.
02.08.2016 0:02:42
всьо быстро!!! )супер!!!
01.08.2016 16:31:24
Всё пришло, спасибо продавцу)
01.08.2016 0:12:05
всё пришло!
31.07.2016 20:12:37
Все пришло) хороший продавец!
30.07.2016 23:55:50
Отличные цены. Шикарный продавец.
30.07.2016 18:19:18
Все пришло быстро и без проволочек! Спасибо)
27.07.2016 18:12:41
всьо супер отлычний продавец
27.07.2016 15:01:12
Все хорошо
24.07.2016 20:42:42
всё норм
23.07.2016 21:36:14
отличный продавец, все быстро и без проблем рекомендую!

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