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 If you make a mistake with the region, the game slows down, does not start, did not like it - the refund is not carried out.
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1989 year Your name is Henry, and you left the hard life in the woods of Wyoming to work as a watchman there. Located at the very top of the mountain, you must monitor the safety of the surrounding nature. Especially hot, dry summer makes everyone worry. Your boss, a woman named Delilah, always keeps in touch with you with a small hand-held radio - the only connection you have left to the world. But when something strange makes you leave the post and go into the forest, you begin to explore the unfamiliar world around you, ask questions and make decisions that can both strengthen and destroy the only important relationship at the🔴 ACTIVATION TOOL:
1. You must follow the link received after purchase
2. Insert a link to the profile of the account for which you want to get the game on our service and click "READY"
3. Within 3 minutes, our bot will send a friend request to your account
4. Accept friend request
5. After you add our bot to friends, a gift will be sent within 3-7 minutes
6. Take a gift to the library </ delivery>
04.07.2018 15:30:08
Все быстро и четко! меньше минуты от оплаты до получения игры в библиотеку! Рекомендую!
28.07.2017 12:01:56
27.06.2017 9:15:34
24.06.2017 23:18:44
Everything is great! Got the gift without any delay
22.06.2017 18:59:22
Все гуд!
18.06.2017 18:35:31
Гифт пришёл мгновенно. Всё быстро и честно.
16.06.2017 3:33:31
11.05.2017 13:18:38
Все пришло
28.11.2016 7:44:10
всё отлично)
27.11.2016 22:19:37
все ок, написано про подарок :)

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