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Promokod Yandex Direct 6000 rubles RF.
You can activate as physical. face payment by any bank card, webmoney, paypal.
Payment from jur. faces also works.

Activate (warranty) strictly within 12 hours after purchase.

You activate the coupon, replenish it with 2000 VAT and get 8000 rubles on your balance
All coupons tested for validity, just working.
Scammers, please do not buy, such a scheme is how to activate and say that the coupon was not used. I will find out the exact time of coupon activation at the same time!

General conditions of activation of the coupon for
Pay special attention to this item:
The activated promotional code will be canceled if the domain is changed or any other domain is added to the advertising cabinet. In this case, the remaining money on the promotional code will be withdrawn, minus already spent on advertising campaigns.

Do not violate the Yandex user agreement and everything will be OK. For my coupons do not banyat.
11.05.2019 16:34:19
Всё работает
06.04.2019 16:29:52
Отличный продавец! Пользуюсь его товарами уже несколько лет. Спасибо.
04.02.2019 23:13:06
22.12.2017 9:52:48
все отлично

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