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ATTENTION!!! This card is only for Russian accounts

PlayStation Network (PSN) 5500

Payment Card PlayStation Network (PSN) 5500 allows you to top up the balance of the virtual wallet PlayStation Store for 5500 rubles

PlayStation Network (PSN) is a separate stand-alone platform with a variety of services and applications:
- Demos and videos of new games
- Additional content that expands the gaming capabilities - additions, maps, themes, new missions, artifacts and more
- Video, comics and other multimedia content
- Dynamically expanding main catalog of games for PlayStation of all publishers
- Exclusive PlayStation Network games, including affordable games from the MINIS catalog

Benefits of using a PlayStation Network (PSN) 5500 payment card:
- Compatible with any platform that supports PSN
- Ease of use
- The availability of game, multimedia content and services offered only on the PlayStation Network (PSN) server
- PlayStation Network payment card (PSN) is a very good and popular gift for all PlayStation owners

19.04.2019 16:55:33
Круто, все супер, беру еще одну
16.04.2019 16:00:25
все супер
14.04.2019 23:24:51
все отлично, код пришел быстро
05.04.2019 17:08:18
Все отлично, код рабочий
25.03.2019 18:19:44
Все быстро и по указанной стоимости.
20.03.2019 18:24:20
Все четко!
20.03.2019 10:47:28
Все прошло отлично!

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