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Immediately after payment you receive an activation key for the game Hitman: Blood Money.

 The key you will receive in your personal account Also a link to the page with the key will come to your mail specified at purchase.

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Languages: English
The Russian language does not support
Region: Russia and CIS countries
Activation: Steam

** Description of the game **

Money is everything. Silence is rewarded. Prepare to kill. When hired assassins from the contract agency Agency Agent 47, ICA, were eliminated in a series of murders, it looks like a more powerful and powerful agency has entered the case. Feeling that he can become the next target, 47 goes to America and is preparing to kill.

 "Blood money" system: the "purer" murder - the more money you get, and you can spend on bribes to witnesses and police to reduce your bad reputation, changing weapons, special devices and information.
 Changeable weapons: change the different weapons of Agent 47 in a variety of directions, including sound, return, rate of fire, damage, recharge speed, accuracy and sight.
 Strong plot: who eliminated the ICA and what are their motives?
 New engine: the killer world has never been more interactive or would look so good!
 New tricks of the game: including disarming, distraction, accidents, getting rid of the body, live shields and traps.
 New control system and cameras: now Agent 47 moves independently from the camera.
 New movements: Agent 47 can now climb, hide, climb stairs and automatically overcome small obstacles.
 Improved AI: guards now follow the bloody tracks, investigating suspicious objects and behavior. A new path finding engine offers improved tracking and movement with realistic behavior and interaction of enemies.
 The soundtrack is written by the award-winning BAFTA composer Jesper Kido
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Спасибо! продавец классный хочу подарок!
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14.06.2018 15:31:33
Хороший продавец
23.05.2018 19:09:17
Очень дешево, ключ получил сразу после оплаты, никаких проблем нет

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