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Bear With Me - adventure game in episodes in the style of noir. The girl Amber tries to find her missing brother, and helps her faithful teddy bear named Ted I.

Amber wakes up in the middle of the night because of a nightmare and learns that her brother Flint has disappeared. For help, she turns to her faithful teddy bear named Ted I., a quarrelsome retired detective.

An indifferent couple goes looking for clues and asking all the witnesses and suspects without knowing about the danger recently looming over the inhabitants of the Paper City.
The intrigue begins to twist when the mysterious "Red Man" in search of the little Miss Amber begins one by one to set up arsons in the Paper City.

Collector´s Edition

The collection edition Bear With Me includes all three game episodes of the story of Amber and Ted, as well as:

- The official soundtrack with all your favorite tunes;
- Digital artbook - a lot of sketches and drawings that you have not seen before;
- materials about all the riddles and scenarios with which you can get into all the details of the game.
01.08.2019 12:47:06
ok !!
26.04.2019 21:46:43
Все отлично, спасибо большое!
"Хочу бонус"
05.03.2019 1:27:11
Все отлично, ключ активировался без проблем
20.02.2019 2:26:11
Все пришло спасибо!)
02.11.2018 6:00:40
Дёшево и нуарно.
14.10.2018 2:49:52
Все отлично!
27.09.2018 20:42:34
всё ок. спасибо
29.07.2018 21:51:06
03.07.2018 11:07:37
Все супер
30.06.2018 8:34:51

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