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The creators of the legendary game Destiny represent the long-awaited continuation of their famous hit.In the new game, you will go on a grand tour of the solar system.

The last human city fell under the onslaught of the huge army of Goul, the ambitious commander of the sinister Red Legion. Gole deprived the Guardians of the city of their abilities, and turned the inhabitants to flight. You are waited by wanderings through the mysterious unexplored worlds of our solar system for the sake of acquiring new weapons and powerful combat capabilities. To crush the Red Legion and challenge Goula, you need to bring together the heroes of humanity scattered throughout the system, to come out on a united front and get your house back. key usage instructions:

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2. Enter the purchased key on the activation page -
3. After activating the key, you will be able to download Destiny 2
05.06.2019 21:13:55
Best price at the moment. Instant delivery. Square deal. Лучшая цена на момент покупки. Мгновенная доставка. Всё честно.
23.02.2019 2:19:56
все огонь, спасибо))
08.09.2018 17:17:34
всё отлично, ключ пришел сразу и рабочий!

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