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Immerse yourself in the epic role-playing saga of the Vikings, in which every decision directly affects the plot. Collect allies, traveling with your caravan on an amazing, but dangerous route. Carefully choose those who will help you overcome the new danger that threatens the entire civilization. Every decision taken in the journey, every conversation and battle has a significant effect on how your story develops. Not all will survive, but the fallen ones will become legends.

The actions of the player affect the plot - every decision you make on the road, conversation or battle has some influence on the unfolding story.
Strategic battles with consequences. The victory or defeat (and possibly the irreversible loss of the hero) depends on which characters you take into battle and what decisions you will take subsequently. Manage your caravan.
Two-dimensional fantasy world, created on the basis of Scandinavian mythology. Colorful drawing characters and battle animations, as well as a great soundtrack from the Austin Vintori Grammy nominee.
The updated mode of the battle in multiplayer - a free multiplayer game called "Fractions" will help sharpen combat skills. Compete against other players from the many classes of characters represented in The Banner Saga.

The Banner Saga is the first part of the future trilogy. When you finish this game, your unique progress and storyline will be moved to the next part of the story.
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