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In version 2.1 the following changes are made:

1. Any groups of numbers are added. Bets on them are processed as well as in other groups of rates (straights, сикслайны)
2. For each arbitrary group of numbers, you can set an individual progression and threshold.
3. If the random threshold mode is enabled for arbitrary groups, the individual threshold is ignored.
4. Arbitrary groups can be up to 100
5. Within one arbitrary group, the numbers can not repeat, but between arbitrary groups can intersect,
in this case, the bets on the number are summed up.
6. If numbers and arbitrary groups are included at the same time, the bets on the numbers between them are summed up.
7. Added alarm sounds to all bet groups.
8. There is a mode "Monitor". A simple mode, when thresholds are triggered by sounds and the first elements,
set in the settings, progressions.
9. Version 2.1 basically should load configurations from older versions. If there is a collision, then the configuration must be done
10. Added English language
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