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Articy: draft 2 SE - heaped-up program for game designers and screenwriters. Who knows first-hand what the "gridline, streamline, location of the hub" is for sure will appreciate this project.

Now you can create interactive stories, characters, objects and locations in just one visual and universal program. With a strong emphasis on creating non-linear stories, articy: draft makes it possible to compose them with incredible ease. Build a branching story or dialogues, in parallel managing what the player will experience.
 You can create a tree of missions, abilities and technologies, as well as state graphs with the help of our unique editor. In addition, articy: draft allows you to build plans for your levels and game universes, thinking through all sorts of objects for your game. As a result, all information can be exported for further use.
01.02.2019 1:20:41
Ключ активировался без проблем. Был немного удивлен, случайно наткнувшись на articy draft 2 в 2к19-м, не смог пройти мимо)))

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