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Available: 9
Uploaded: 12.02.2019

Positive responses: 11
Negative responses: 0

Sold: 121
Refunds: 0

Activation: Steam / PC
Region of activation: Russia and the CIS
Localization: Russian (Interface and Subtitles), English, Arabic, Spanish, Italian, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, German, Polish, Portuguese, French, Japanese
Release date: November 27, 2018
Developer: Gunfire Games
Publisher: THQ Nordic

Game Description:
Darksiders III is the long-awaited third chapter of the action adventure in the genre of hack-n-slash in the widely acclaimed series of games Darksiders.

The earth is under the authority of the Seven Deadly Sins, as well as mystic creatures and fallen beings who are in their service. You have to play for FURY - a sorceress who can only rely on her whip and magic in restoring the balance between good and evil on Earth!

Game features:
• Curb the magical power of FURY to release it in various forms. Each of these forms will give access to new weapons, techniques and capabilities.

• Explore the living and open world of the game, in which FURY will travel, revealing secrets during the passage of the plot.

• Hold up over the Seven Mortal Sins and their minions - from mystical creatures to fallen beings.

• Experience the excitement of Darksiders corporate identity and extensive post-apocalyptic landscapes that transfer the player from the heights of the heavens to the very depths of hell and to the war-torn Earth, where wildlife reigns again.
25.02.2019 22:11:01
Оплатил, ключ получил, ключ сработал
31.01.2019 20:11:43
Все Хорошо!
18.01.2019 6:06:00
Есть ключ? лучше! есть фото ключа! все отлично. активировалось
04.01.2019 21:49:50
Все отлично, ключ рабочий.
01.01.2019 11:04:27
Код пришел, код подошел, игру скачал. Спасибо тебе продавец)
21.12.2018 13:20:37
Ключ получил сразу,спасибо.
05.12.2018 14:34:50
Фото с кодом пришло сразу. Хотя лучше бы пришел просто код, который можно скопировать и вставить.
03.12.2018 10:53:06
Спасибо все работает
28.11.2018 17:24:29
Спасибо все получил!
28.11.2018 11:16:04
после оплаты сразу получил ключ и без проблем активировал. Спасибо за низкую цену! :)

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