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The collection includes games:
Deck Poker Select
1001 V2.0b
3-Hand Poker 1.0
3D Euchre Deluxe v1.6
3D Hearts Deluxe v1.6
3D Jongg v2.5
3D Perfect Pool
3D Pitch Deluxe v1.1
3D Pitch Setback v1.6
3D Spades Deluxe v1.6
3D Ultra Cool Pool
3D Under The Sea Slots
3drt dominos
3DDom v2.0
4 Free Blackjack V6.0
4 Free Poker V6.0
4th of July Slots
Abron - Card Games 1 v1.0
Activision Casino
Advanced video poker
All American Gin Rummy v5.0.0.1
Amazing Mahjongg v5.62
Animated Blackjack v2.0
Ave Maria Poker V1.22
Avery Cardozas 500 Slots and Video Poker
Bezique v1.01
BlackJack Mentor v1.02
Blackjack Elf v1.07
Blackjack Nx v1.0
BoKKE with Solitaire Lounge
BreakJack v1.01
Bridge baron 14
Bur-Kozel V3.1
Canasta v5.0.0.8
Cards for Kids
Casino Empire
Casino Fun V1.0
Casino Master V4.0
Casino Poker 2004
Championship 500 Pro v4.96
Championship Cribbage Pro v5.46
Championship Euchre Pro v5.46
Championship Five Hundred Pro v5.46
Championship Gin Pro v5.46
Championship Hearts Pro v5.46
Championship Pool 2
Championship Spades Pro v5.42
Circus slots
Colins classic cards
Cool hand yuke v2.4
Cops And Robbers Slots
Craps deluxe
Crazy melons slots
Cribbage champion
Cross Cards v1.0
Danzig Pref Engine V1.3
DeepSix v1.2
Dogs playing poker
Dominoes Deluxe v5.0.0.1
Dragon poker
Durak V1.0.0.37
Durak V1.3
Easy Bridge V4.0
Easy Streaker v1.0
Egyptian Treasure
Excellent Card Games
Expert Pool
Franks Card Room v1.01
Fun Crazy Eights v1.04.2
Gambler V1.2
Gekko Mahjong World Championship
Gekko Mahjongg World Championship v1.17
Gemstone slots
Gin rummy v9.3
Gold Coast BlackJack 21 v5.0.0.1
Goldmine slots
Groschengrab 3D v1.10
Hardwood hearts
Hardwood Spades 1.2.22
Hearts Delux v2.0
High rollerz
Hong Kong Mahjongg
Hoyle blackjack
Hoyle Card Games 2
Hoyle Card Games 2002
Hoyle Casino 2002
Hoyle classic card games
Hoyle poker
Hoyle Slots and Video Poker 3
In The Round V1.0
Jimmy Whites Cueball World
Joker Wild Video Poker V3.1
Karibino Dominoes v3.0.3
Karibino v2.7
Kick-off v1.0
King of the jungle slots
Kyodai Mahjongg v19.99
Lantz Poker v3.41e
Las Vegas Super Casino Plus V1.0
LasVegas Tycoon
Lindy v2.10
Live Billiards v1.1
Lotto hat
Lunchtime Gin Rummy v2.0.4
Magic garden slots
Mah Jongg Wall v2.1
Mahjongg Classic
Mahjongg Holidays II v1.0
Mahjongg Towers II - The Rise of Shanghai v1.4
Mahjongg Towers v2.5
Marriage 2.0
Marriage 2.02
Marriage 3.30
Marriage 4.0
Marriage 97
Marriage V2.3
Masque BlackJack 2001
Masque Card Games
Masque Mahjongg v1.0.0
Medieval Slots
MeggieSoft Euchre and Ecarte v14.6.14602
MeggieSoft Gin Rummy v14.6.14602
MeggieSoft Pinochle and Bezique v14.6.14602
MeggieSoft Pinochle v11.1
MeggieSoft Piquet v14.6.14602
MeggieSoft Rummy 500 v14.6.14602
Microsoft Bicycle Card Games
Middled Casino
Milestones v1.50
Mister black jack
Monopoly Casino Vegas Edition
Multiplay Video Poker
Musical slots
Net Cribbage v5.30
Net Gin Rummy v5.30
Net Spite and Malice v5.30
NetPoker v2.0
Ningpo MahJong Deluxe v1.00.27
Noisy Video Poker and Blackjack V6.0
Ochko - Russian version
Old west
Omar Sharif Bridge II
PRoject Pref V1.0.1.5
Parker Brothers Classic Card Games
PetShop Slots
Pinochle V9.3
Poker Ace v3.0
Poker palace
Poker PlayMate V1.0b
Poker Select v6.0
Poker V1.2 - Russian version
Poker V2.0b
Pokie-Magic Coral Cash v11.2.3.8
Pokie-Magic Crazy Fruit v10.9.26.5
Pokie-Magic Egyptian Dreams v10.18.10.6
Pokie-Magic Golden Dragon v11.5.10.8
Pool paradise
Pretty Good Mahjongg v1.10
Protoform Projects Mad v1.0
Protoform Projects Pizza v2.50
Protoform Projects Uno v2.21
RA 5 Card Dash v1.0
RA 5 Card Slingo Deluxe v1.1
RA Domino Master Gold v1.0r
RA Emperor´s Mahjong v1.1.1
RA FATE The Carnivale Game v1.1
RA Five Card Deluxe v1.0
RA Go Bingo v1.0
Real dominoes
RealPokerDice v1.0
Reel Deal Casino Quest Update v1.1
Reel Deal Casino Shuffle Master
Reel Deal Poker Challenge + Update 1.1D
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