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Welcome to Kyrat - a country with rich traditions, lost among the peaks of the Himalayas, the world threatened by a despotic ruler. Your hero, Ajay Gale, arrived here to fulfill the last will of his mother, but he was involved in a civil war: the locals are trying to overthrow the impostor Pagan Mina. Embark on a journey through the open world, but be careful: anything can happen to you in an unfamiliar country.

Special features

In the new game series Far Cry® you will find yourself in a faraway country, where beauty and danger since ancient times are inseparable from each other. Explore vast areas covered with wild forests; conquer the snowy peaks of mountain ranges!
- The fauna of Kirata is diverse: leopards, rhinos, eagles and even a rather rare species of badgers - honey badgers - are found here. Hunter, remember: going for loot, look at both, otherwise you will become a victim ...
- Mark enemy positions during the flight on an improved gyroplane, and if you are noticed, try to escape with the help of a wing-suit. Go on a journey riding a huge elephant, from the sight of which even a seasoned soldier shakes his legs!
- Choose the right weapon! No matter how difficult the task may seem: thanks to the large arsenal of weapons you can get out of any situation.

The journey is better to go together. Far Cry 4 features an updated joint-play system: your friend can join at any time. Explore the mysterious world of Kirata in the company of a faithful companion
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