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You buy Dragon Age Inquisition.

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When the heavens open and wreak havoc, the world needs heroes. Become the savior of Tedas in the game "Dragon Age: Inquisition." You are the Inquisitor, and you have to save the world from him. But this path will be paved with hard decisions. Tedas is a land of contention. The parties do not cease to fight with each other, even when demons flow into the world. And what about you? You and your squad are the only ones who can keep all the light on the edge of the abyss. You have to lead all ... or die.

A fascinating story with a lot of choices. You are not just deciding who to which battle to send, but with your Inquisition you determine the future of Tedas. Every choice is important; every act can have many consequences. The Inquisition is a deeply individual epic, where one careless step can create a chain of events that change the face of the world. Because of this, your Tedas (like your heroes) will be unlike someone else.

A huge world for research. For the first time the world of Tedas appears so huge and so detailed. It is open, and it is possible to walk enough on it. You will meet with enemies, ready to rush into battle at any moment. You will find hidden caves with crafty inhabitants. Tedas is huge and dangerous, but his secrets can be the main thing that will separate the victory from the defeat.

Tense strategic battle. In the game "Dragon Age: Inquisition" there are no wrong tactics ... except those that kill you. Fortunately, the optional strategic review helps to cover the entire battlefield with a glance. While you are planning actions in this mode, time stops, but if you do not like pauses, you can safely rush forward, swinging a crossbow.
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