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The second part of the famous fantastic action game DEAD SPACE in the genre of survival horror.

DEAD SPACE 2 - New chilling adventures of engineer Isaac Clarke. Three years after the terrible events that occurred on the ship "Ishimura." Coming out of the coma, the hero discovers that he is in a cosmic city, known as Megapolis. DEAD SPACE 2 He is the only survivor in the first encounter with a race of ruthless aliens, and now another nightmare awaits him. Trying to cope with his own madness, tormented by horrific visions of his lost girlfriend, pursued by the government, Isaac must once again accomplish the impossible - save the city from necromorphs and survive. However, this time he is ready to face any danger: he is more experienced and much better armed - now Isaac himself is capable of scaring terror.

Chaos in the city. The game world DEAD SPACE 2 has become more and more diverse. Now it is not a space station, but a whole city with rich and poor residential areas, shops, schools and even churches.
Win your fear. Everywhere a player in DEAD SPACE 2 will be waiting for incredibly dangerous and creepy creatures - both already known and unfamiliar, and the latter may surprise with their abilities and vitality.
Many-sided revenge. The arsenal of weapons of necromorphs in DEAD SPACE 2 is replenished with new types of powerful weapons, so that the player can find a way to destroy or put any opponent to flight. Now you can even send enemies into open space by breaking a hole in the station covering!
Isaac almighty.
Instructions on key activation in Origin:

1. Log in to the Origin client or register a new account if you do not already have one. If the Origin client is not installed, then download and install it.
2. In the main menu of Origin (a button in the form of a gear), select the item “Activate product code”.
3. Enter the received activation key and complete the activation.
4. After that, the game will appear in the "My Games" section.

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