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The author of this book a quarter-century successfully heals the sick. He is subject to many of the sacrament of treatment, have survived from ancient times. He gathered the crumbs of their traditional healers in Central Russia and the Volga region, Siberia and the Far East ...

The author offers a variety of treatments for many diseases: herbal medicine, hydrotherapy, charms, prayers, sympathetic agents and others. They are simple, accessible to all, and the test of time.

The book is not only limited to the treatment of herbal recipes. A lot of attention is paid to methods of treatment by other means, often quite exotic but accessible to everyone. These treatments do not require expensive procedures, medicines and funds, and their effectiveness is often not inferior to treatment in clinics.

Even if you are an enemy of self, this book will still be useful to you, as listed in its main features, and a brief description of a number of diseases will allow you to more accurate and timely diagnosis and to see a doctor, thus avoiding neglected diseases and complications.

Also in this book contains a lot of different plots, prayers and sympathetic treatments, which are already recognized by science, they are also potent stimulators of moral recovery.

As an application, the book contains color images of a few tens of the most commonly used medicinal plants.

The volume of the book: 308.

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