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Username, password, and the number of Internet-envelope "Web Plus", par value to 11 hours on the Internet.
Telephone modem pool in St. Petersburg: 326 2455

Additional access numbers in St. Petersburg:

- 604 4242, 333 4242, 438 4242, 326 2455

In the setting of e-mail program should be set SMTP-server address:

If necessary, you can use the following settings:

- Proxy:, port 3128

- DNS-servers:,

Get a report on the duration of the internet and change your password, please visit:

To access a free site

- Username: test

- Password: test

With this card, you can also benefit from access to a WiFi network Web Plus within 30 calendar days from the date of first entry, and provided that it is not completely exhausted, the Internet card.

Instructions for connecting to a WiFi network Web Plus and a list of addresses hot spots are on the site:

Validity period: 30 days from the date of first entry.

Telephone technical support in St. Petersburg: 326 9026


With the service "Voice Menu" You are free to obtain information on setting up Internet access and the e-mail address and check the remaining unencumbered access time to the Internet.

To use the service:

- Please call in St. Petersburg 380 9015 from the phone or fax machine (if you wish to receive fax instructions for setting up)

- Switch the phone to tone dialing

- Follow the instructions Speech Navigator, select the menu item

(For example: 1 1 1 1 - unspent time Internet access Web Plus card.)
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