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Stylish man, or 13 steps to perfection

The days when a man was supposed to be a little nicer monkeys have long since passed. Today imagine untidy, unkempt, dressed haphazardly, but it can not be a successful person.

This practical guide will help you find and define his own style, to understand in a variety of fashion brands, will help to avoid possible errors, hide minor flaws and highlight your distinct advantage.

This is your guide to the world of style. It only contains practical advice and numerous illustrations, here you will find information on how to dress, act, behave, to become a successful and stylish man.


1. The ideals of male beauty

2. Personal care:

2.1. We care for the skin of the face and learn to understand the makeup

2.2. How to remove under-eye circles

2.3. The fight against dandruff and how to choose a hairstyle

2.4. Shave by the rules

2.5. Toothpaste

2.6. Personal hygiene and intimate hairstyles

2.7. Manicure -for what it is

2.8. How to make yourself a pedicure - all very simple

3. Clothing: rules for combining

3.1.Verhnyaya clothing: men's coats and raincoats, leather jackets and windbreakers

3.2. Types of classic men's suit and international brands

3.3. Evening dress: a tuxedo is required

3.4. We distinguish sweaters, pullovers, sweaters

3.5. All the secrets of men's shirts

3.6. Shirt, suit, tie - combine correctly

3.7. Tie - it's time to find new sites

3.8. Socks - so simple

3.9. What you mean shoes

4. Accessories

4.1. History of Hats

4.2. Fashionable men's bags

4.3. Belt - a sign of status

4.4. Men's sunglasses - the sun loves brands

4.5. How to choose a quality watches

4.6. Cufflinks - a symbol of male elegance

4.7. Men's fragrance

4.8. Business cards etiquette

5. Cleaning and maintenance of things:

5.1. Professional shoe shine

5.2. Shirt: washed and ironed by the rules

5.3. Clean suit yourself

5.4. Explanation of symbols for the care of clothing

6. Select the item size

7. The most common mistakes

8. Tips Armani

9. Choose your style -pora decide

10. What is the business image

11. Clear the weight properly

12. The most popular male plastic

Table 13. International dress codes

14. About the Author

The world of the rich, successful, stylish men and women waiting for you!

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