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Year: 2009

Author: Vladislav Karabanov Gleb Shcherbatov

Genre: Partly brochure


Format: PDF

Quality: eBook (initially computer)

Number of pages: 31

Description: A mysterious planet Nibiru. This is the name of a mysterious celestial body, appeared in the bottom of this, right from the Sumerian myths, from Ur of the Chaldeans, came from the Old Testament Abram became Abraham on the way out of town, "the Gate of the Gods" - Bab Illu or in Russian Babylon. Vague, blind information, drop by drop leak today in an open world. Rumors are confirmed, incomprehensible actions of those who today have the power and information. At the same time, there is a foretaste of some global world events. Perhaps even the current, the current crisis of nowhere (solid reasons to call it, nobody can, it's a fact), somehow connected with this celestial body, or rather the fact that it may bring to Earth. Meanwhile, a mysterious planet X, maybe it's just the one that was called by the Sumerians Nibiru, appeared on the horizon (we will continue to call it so, although, again this is only version). On May 15, 2009 Nibiru can be seen with a small telescope, and in May 2011 it reached the brightness of Venus will be the brightest object in the sky after the Sun and the Moon. Since May 2012 Nibiru will shine brighter than the moon, and the angular size of its disk will be slightly inferior to the sun (!). We can not say with precision that a claim was too little information sources are scarce, but history has repeatedly proved that it deserves no interest in what is embraced, but just what is hidden. And just hide, with at the highest political levels of the planet Earth, the problem all the more worthy of close interest. So it is not just such idle, the study of celestial bodies and big, big politics. Moreover, we are groped thread global conspiracy. If the information from Nibiru is confirmed, it could lead to very large changes on our planet, and of course, and perhaps especially, in Russia. These changes relate to politics, economy, religion, culture and possibly cause climate change.

Our small study does not claim to ultimate discovery of truth, the full understanding, we just outline the situation and put forward their own or someone else's present version. Please draw your attention to that, because we are very cautious about the existing information, no versions that we provide are not final.

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