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Special: Psychological-pedagogical problems of toys and games

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Narkevitch VV

Drinking toy preschool children depending on their emotional development and the type of attachment to mother

Korkin AY

The criteria for a psychological evaluation of computer games and developing computer programs

Smirnova EO, IV Filippova

Shaped toy as a means of developing consciousness preschooler

Romanov AL

Shaped toy as a carrier of social and cultural values: a comparative analysis of Soviet and contemporary dolls

Smirnova EO, Salmin NG, IG Tihanova

Psychological examination toys

Obukhov LF, Tkachenko SB

The possibility of using computer games for the development of perceptual actions

Ostrovskaya TV

Games technique introducing a child into kindergarten

Ryabkov IA

Criteria of psycho-pedagogical expertise game material (composite image)

Smirnova EO, Sokolov MV

Research phenomenon toys in modern Western science

Kuprina TA

Influence of types of interpersonal interaction of preschool children playing in the choice of material and gaming activities
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