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From the book "Secrets of the honey bee," You will learn:

- How to become slim and beautiful, 5 unique ways to lose weight with the help of the honey,

- How to look younger, never sick and always have good health,

- The mass of honey recipes of dishes and drinks, including alcohol,

- Learn to distinguish the real from the counterfeit honey, without departing from the counter,

- Recipes to get rid of any ailments described in detail with the help of 66 varieties of honey.

The book consists of 29 chapters of invaluable information, Illustrated 250 color photographs.
After reading the book "Secrets of the honey bee," You will find that herbs and bee products, and today is not inferior to the most modern medicines, and in some cases are more effective in the treatment of many serious diseases. The book contains a large number of recipes and advice and useful not only for people suffering from various diseases, doctors and specialists, as well as beekeepers and readers seeking to expand their knowledge in the field of medicine honey.

Along with the book you have downloaded the following gifts:

1. Handbook "Health food"

2. The book "Encyclopedia of Traditional Medicine"

3. The book "How to prolong your youth"

4. The "My Cookbook"

5. The program DJVU Reader for reading books in a format DJVU
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