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Points for sale only in the official game servers BATTLEFORGE

Buying Points at us - you're not just buying from a private merchant - phony, you buy points by a well reputed store. We work in the field of online games for more than three years and have helped tens of thousands of users to become successful in games. Just look at the positive feedback, the number of goods, the business level, the date of registration of the domain (our parent site) and you will have no doubt about where to buy.

Given our guarantees and our concern for users, we do not conduct purchases from burglars have botovodov and other cheaters, each of our supplier checked for involvement in foul play. That is why, sometimes, we are not able to compete on price with other sellers, unlike many we work only with trusted people. Let expensive - but with a guarantee.

ACTION: Leave your positive feedback after purchase and you'll have 10% points more !!!

After payment, you receive a unique PIN code of 16 characters. This PIN code (as well as character data) is required to enter into a form at:

Points you will come to the post in the game. Delivery time not exceeding 5 minutes, provided that the operator online. In exceptional cases, there may be delays.

If you have trouble, you can always contact our staff if the operator does not answer - do not rush to write a negative review, try to make a phone call. There are all sorts of situations in life (for example, today, the accident occurred on the highway and the operator was not available on the ace 6:00).
BattleForge: Activation Key + 3000 points and 64 cards.
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