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AlwaysBlack v1.0

For those who are familiar with the program for the first time AlwaysBlack inform how the Flash or html - roulette online casino:

When you download Roulette console of your computer, on the casino server is generated numbers, which should fall after you place your bet. After generating this number, the server prepares a certain set of charts that will be sent to you immediately after the draw rate for the graphical display of the combination on your computer.

As soon as you run the roulette wheel from your computer to the server the casino sent a message about the amount and purpose of betting. The server, take the information, processes your payment (bid), respectively, and with respect to its destination number generated on the server to make a request (rate), and sends back to your computer the status of your account at this time. That is your current balance.

But a set of graphics, the server sends you right away, without waiting for the communication of the fallen rate. At that time, the roulette wheel is spinning and the server thinks as you add or take away from your gaming account, your computer is already shaking his schedule, "the fate of your bet."

After all the graphics have downloaded on your computer and the server processed the payment will come to you, the program starts soft stop of the roulette wheel. Payment is considered made only after a full stop of the roulette wheel. What then goes to the server information from your computer.

If you interrupt the connection to the console roulette on your computer to the server to send the confirmation of the casino (roulette to a complete stop), the payment is automatically canceled and your bet is returned to your gaming account and the rally is canceled.

It seems to be very simple, but the trouble is that the process of "meditation" you are given no more than 5 seconds. It is unlikely that you will succeed in such a short time to find and decipher the right material in the cache of your browser to make a decision - whether or not to tear the net. But that's just you and here comes to the aid of an irreplaceable player in the online casino software "AlwaysBlack v1.0".

It scans everything that brings you to the roulette casino server, compares the data, and displays them in real time, without waiting for the tape stops. And you put on red when he saw that a black booted, the console will be able to throw the roulette and save your bet. That's probably all that is capable of this program.

For those who have already tried the previous version of AlwaysBlack beta, to announce a number of distinctive features made to the full version of the program AlwaysBlack v1.0:

The program no longer requires no installation and runs in stealth mode, e. Even if the owner of the online casino manages to make an electronic snapshot of your screen, the program on it he will not find out. Its interface will remain higher layer than pass his photo code.

- The program no longer requires additional configuration. She adapts roulette you play.

- Bypassing the questionable results. Now, the program gives the result a combination of scanned only when

she is confident in its loss by 100%.

use only Internet Explorer 7


Program "FRoulette":

automatic calculation of the probability of the ten types of bets on each stage of the game of roulette.

selection of the winning bid after every loss numbers.

analysis of the size of each next bet.

subject to the minimum payoff that you want from each bet.

Tracking: minimum, maximum rates, the balance sum of the current rates.

for the user is represented by a number of additional options.
For the positive feedback you get: SUPER BONUS

Links to the program Easy Roulette 2 - the best program to play roulette! (You just enter fell to the roulette, and the program will show where to put)

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