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The system "Fantom" - system, has shown excellent results on tests and allows to obtain a steady profit on the sports exchange "Betfair".

The initial data of the system:

- The system of "Fantom" showed stable earnings test for 2 months, with a maximum Kp. on the winning bet it was equal to 16!

- Rate system "Fantom" are made only on the sports betting exchange "Betfair", no other bookmakers do not need to use;

- No express trains only single bets;

- No Dogon, Martingale system, etc .: "Fantom" is not based on probability theory or any other theory;

- The system of "Fantom" original: the exclusive property development;

- Rate system "Fantom" do not intersect with the rates that I duplicate the paid newsletter, as there is no dubbing rates on other systems of the game, the stakes are not repeated;

- To begin to make bets on the system "Fantom" can be any minimum bank;

- The system of "Fantom" is easy to understand: It's clearly stated in the description of the system;

- System "Fantom" can be used regularly and indefinitely, more: there is no need to adjust to a particular game and look for free time to use the system. You can use the system if you wish: any free time.

During the testing period (2 months) in the system "Fantom" at the initial Bank 50 net profit amounted to USD 1,020 USD, in other words, the bank has increased by more than 21 times! The maximum Kp. on the winning bet it was equal to 16!
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