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Born in 1957 in Leningrad.

In 1981 he graduated from the Leningrad Medical Institute 1.

Urologist. PhD, have the highest category in the specialty.

I live in St. Petersburg.

Write began at age 15, the lifetime for this lesson back three times. Assuming his most intimate, never published. The need to share a piece of their lives with anyone who loves poetry, gave birth to the first publications on the Internet in 2007.

This book - a collection of some of my texts in different years, obviously composed on the principle of respect for the chronological order they were written. This is my return to the past years, to the living. And my return reverse - not a poet, but a man - to our meeting with you, my dear readers.
I came away from the life and times,

but I came back again - not from fear,

and love - in the hope of the hour

that will revive the five minutes before the collapse.

Now I know for sure: there is no death,

there is just a transition from this life,

but it is light, and in it his mark,

I'm afraid that will not leave, rinse Lethe.

And hurt me, not born in time,

to leave the world where triumphs abomination ...

About where to find not the courage and audacity

time to pay - you! - Everything that I could not?
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