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Believe, to hope and to forgive

As long as the person is alive, he hopes. For the very existence of life - have hope. There can be everything, everything is infinitely bad, if only because you live, and then you have a future. And to believe in the future - is your birthright. Is there, God knows where - someone willing to help you, just you, to save you, to rescue, to maintain warm word? Do you expect from it a miracle? And so he is.

But even if you do not expect a miracle, or tired of waiting, I know that it is because of you think your friends and family, and even if you are - a complete solitude, and none of the relatives you do not have or do you think that they do not understand you ... Forgive them, forgive all, find the strength to be reconciled. And it is what you truly believe. And what would not believe that and never will. For your faith is something that exists. Without faith - nothing.

And if you live, then, to continue to believe and hope. And in this - your truth.

Your Eldar Ahadov
On both sides of the sheet

Timid and pure soul.

She did not seem to be afraid of,

But only as an echo of the glass,

She came to the verse -

And the rhyme, flushing at the hearing,

Immediately everywhere Zaro:

She is the spirit of water mist,

The sheet of paper come to life.

And rebellious will again

That silent abyss of years,

Something for which no name,

As long as the light does not burst followed,

Believing the Word of the Lord ...
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