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Vinnitsa DV The main problems of the theory of the Russian tax law: Diss. ... The doctor jurid. Sciences. - Yekaterinburg: Ural State Law Academy, 2003. - 436 p.



Section I. PROBLEMS OF FORMATION OF TAX LAW as relatively autonomous legal system

Chapter 1. Background of formation of the Russian tax law as a relatively autonomous legal system

Chapter 2. Theories of autonomy of tax law in the European legal science

Section II. Backbone factor of tax rules and signs of the originality of its Legal

Chapter 3. Functions and the subject of the Russian tax law

§ 1. The functions of tax law

§ 2. The general properties of relations regulated by tax law. The concept of the object of the tax law

§ 3. The composition of the object of the tax law

Chapter 4. The method of taxation and legal regulation

Chapter 5. Principles of the Russian tax law

§ 1. System of principles of tax law and the grounds for their classification

§ 2. The principle of regulating tax relations law

§ 3. The principle of equality and universality of taxation

§ 4. Principle Determination of tax

§ 5. Principle of the minimum necessary restrictions on the rights of private entities tax law

§ 6. The principle of economic feasibility assessment

§ 7. The principle of good faith and non-abuse of rights

§ 8. The principle of fiscal federalism

Chapter 6. The concepts and other legal structure in the Russian tax law

§ 1. Concept of the Russian tax law

§ 2. The presumption in tax law

§ 3. Legal elements of the tax structure


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