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Karakhanyan SG Activity of the lawyer for representation and protection of taxpayers in cases of disputes with the tax authorities and tax police: Diss. ... Cand. jurid. Sciences. - M .: Moscow State Law Academy, 2001. - 180 p.



Chapter I. The Role of Lawyers in DISPUTES taxpayers by tax authorities

§ 1. Concept and preparations of a tax offense

§ 2. The participation of a lawyer in the proceedings on tax violations, jurisdiction disputes taxpayers with tax authorities

§ 3. Representation and protection of taxpayers in bankruptcy court: strategy and tactics, especially the argument

Chapter II. FEATURES protect taxpayers in cases of tax crimes

§ 1. The object and subject of tax offenses

§ 2. The objective party of tax crimes

§ 3. The subject of tax offenses

§ 4. The subjective aspect of tax crimes

Chapter III. FEATURES PERFORMANCE lawyer in constitutional proceedings to protect the interests of the taxpayer in respect of a dispute with the tax authorities and tax police

§ 1. Conditions and procedure for the participation of counsel in the constitutional proceedings in the interests of taxpayers bend in cases of disputes with tax authorities

§ 2. Features of activity of the lawyer in constitutional proceedings; general strategy and tactics of argument (for example, the preparation of the complaint)


LITERATURE, REGULATORY authorities, the highest judicial body


Normative sources

The decisions of higher courts

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