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Why do I need this Graphics?

Commercial mini sites do not need a lot of graphics - this is a fact!

The rule, which has already become law minisite design reads: no unnecessary images, the less graphic - the better!

Use these elements or not - every webmaster decides for himself. Their pros and cons also have use of graphics on the mini-site and renunciation of it.

BUT! If you have decided that your mini-site will present graphic headers, footers and "mats" - to make them qualitatively and unlike at other people!

After all, you agree to the schedule worked, had done its job beautifully and efficiently - it should be beautiful and high-quality!

And yet - nezataskannoy!

Because if the visitor of your mini-site catch the eye at least one picture that he had seen on another mini-site - it immediately arises a sense the second time, and his interest in your proposal will fall at times!

95% of commercial mini-sites Runet look like twins. Their heders - the same men, the same images with computers and money ... the same 3'd boxes.

It is unprofessional, vulgar and stupid!

But this is almost inevitable, since the Internet has no resources with more or less decent free clipart files.

Almost ... because for you this problem has been solved! Thanks to this Graphics, you leave your competitors far behind, believe me, you will have a huge selection.

What is the archive: Animation, business ideas, business objects, money, animals, icons, and icon, computers, people, smileys, arrows and check marks, equipment, backgrounds, all these categories are divided into thematic sections.

WARNING: Packed in an archive has a size of 10MB

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