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Verification work on the subject RUSSIAN LANGUAGE AND CULTURE OF SPEECH

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The first task is performed by the dictionary entry "culture".

Proverb for the execution of the second job "Language watered and fed, and smacks the back."

The text for the third task:


I would like to say a few words today about charity. This word has firmly entered our lexicon. And even there is a danger that it will be worn out, turn into a kind of stereotype. This occurs or may occur because the word is often used not for its intended purpose and covers a different reality than the one that would have to conform to that word.

Grace (good) and heart - two words joined as one. Always it meant that by doing good is meant charity, mercy, selflessness that comes from the human heart. The word is the heart-hri stianskaya tradition, and our ancient folk tradition, always impersonate-Meva area of \u200b\u200bhuman emotions. This means that the charity is doing something-that good which requires the involvement of a man, his feelings, Cone-rezhivaniya.

I recently read an article about how a work team re-numbers at the expense of the nursing home portion of their profits, and did seem very good and good work. But what is surprising is not felt this good cause accidents monks nursing home. Why is this so? Maybe business executives improperly disposed of the money-and maybe these people do not feel a real complicity with their bitter fate, real charity?

I foresee a question: whose complicity with grief? Is not our life a little grief, trouble, difficulties and sorrows, yes, in the end, that's the daily bustle, which turns a head and prevents people from living ISE GDS normal life? In due time whether this is a difficult time to talk about the complicity of the other grief, suffering another person?

(From the Sunday sermon of Archbishop Cyril TV)

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