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The program is an Excel file with a blank receipt "dodatok №61 Feeder 3" Oschadbank of Ukraine and convenient form for its completion.

Her species is represented in the screenshots.

The file is saved in compatibility mode Excel 97-2003. Created and tested with Excel 2013.


1. Automatically fills all of the receipts.

2. Filling the receipt can be stored in the usual way in a separate file for further work.

3. When you open the already completed receipts and pressing the "Conception" - all data from the receipt automatically

entered into form fields. This is useful when you need to change a few fields, and not to re-enter all the data.

4. Automatically calculated the final amount of payment (field "Amount" + "fine")

5. Clear the form of the receipt when you click "Zapovniti" empty form fields.


1. To work correctly, the program is not desirable to make changes to the cell blank receipts manually (modify, merge, add rows, columns, etc.).

2. To run the program you need to enable macros in Excel.

3. When filling in the form of the amount, penalty - a penny from UAH need only a point separated (example: 34.45).

Word UAH. You do not need to make.

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