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Situation 1.

In what situation it is possible out of the crisis and to achieve financial stability?

Situation 2.

What determines the economic development of society, the distribution of productive forces, human activity?

Situation 3.

In what conditions coal in the Pechora coal basin?

Situation 4.

Explain the situation to meet the needs of the Urals in the iron ore.

Situation 5.

What are the most important resources, without which it is impossible to increase the production of agricultural products to the population of the globe.

Situation 6.

In what situation might the expanded reproduction of mineral resources base of Russia?

Situation 7.

What a situation in which continuing degradation of small rivers of Russia.

Situation 8.

In what situation is exceeded deaths over births in Russia in the period of 1992-1997.?

Situation 9.

What are the causes that resulted in 15 regions of Russia there is an increase in population.

10 situation.

Under the influence of what factors shaped the population density?

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