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Model features:

Easy portable decorative box protects the dog from the rain and wind (the walls tightly gathered in veneer, which excludes the possibility of drafts).

Booth simply made using a hand tool.

Standard dimensions for the manufacture of:

- 80cm x 60cm, height 60cm,

- 100cm x 80cm, height 80cm,

- 120cm x 100cm, height 100cm,

- 140cm x 120cm, height 120cm,

In the book as an example details the production of booth size of 100cm x 80cm, intended for medium-sized breeds of dogs (Staffordshire Terrier, Bull Terrier and under.) Also, the size of a table component parts for all of the above standard sizes. The file also contains drawings of all component parts, the scheme to build, photo illustrations and detailed list of the required material. In this book you can own hands to make an exact copy of the proposed model, or to order the production thereof to any carpenter's workshop in the region of your residence.

The file .pdf 2252 kb, 17 pages.
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