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Language: Russian

Activation: Steam

Release Date: February 28, 2014 (Release date is subject to change by the publisher)

Publishers: Square Enix, New Disc (in Russian)

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►Opisanie game: ◄

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Garrett, a master thief, comes out of the shadows in the City. In this dangerous place where the guard Baron propagating waves of fear and oppression, he can only rely on their own skills. Even the most cautious citizens (and their well-protected property) are not immune from his visit. Nearing the uprising, and Garrett was involved in the growing confrontation. Under the direction of Orion, speaking on behalf of the people, oppressed citizens are willing to do anything to throw off the yoke of Baron. Revolution is inevitable. If Garrett remains in the side streets will be filled with blood and the people tear each other apart.

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►Osobennosti game: ◄

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• grim, Gothic world city, whose architecture is inspired by the Victorian era, and manners reminiscent of the Middle Ages Dark Ages.

• Unique game mechanics -Each level can go several ways, depending on the desires of the player.

• Scenario game written by Rihanna Pratchett - famous writer, responsible, inter alia, for the storyline of the last game in the series Tomb Raider.

• The rich arsenal, allowing to solve problems playing a variety of ways-from the murder of the guards to stealth penetration without a rustle.

This product is intended for distribution in Russia and CIS countries. We are not responsible for the use of goods outside the CIS.

This is a Russian version of the game and we are NOT responsible for regional or any other restrictions!

WARNING: This key to activate on Steam.

How to start a Thief:

• If not installed Steam client, download and install it.

• Log in to your Steam account, or register a new one if you do not already have.

• Go to "Games" and then there is the "Activate via Steam».

• Enter the activation key (to obtain it is necessary to buy a Thief).

• After that, the game will appear in the list, and you can download Thief.
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