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"Product prices for coins of Russia" is the data on 179 rare and infrequent commemorative coins series production, which a number of reasons cause interest from coin collectors.

Product will not only know the price of the coin, but also to learn how to distinguish expensive and rare coins from the usual.

In the rare coins coin collectors are willing to pay tens of thousands, and in fact such coins can easily get lost in your wallet. Do not miss the chance to get rich just by looking in your wallet.
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15.03.2015 12:24:56
Хороший,честный каталок.Мне понравился.
11.03.2015 11:59:02
Хороший каталог, мне понравился!
11.12.2014 15:52:15
Отлично!!! без обмана...
02.12.2014 21:22:35
Всё понятно и быстро, спасибо.
16.10.2014 16:51:24
Быстро. Качественно. Надёжно. Молодцы - отвечаете за слова! Успехов!
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